As a child, Dr. Anthony Termine had respiratory problems. When breathing difficulties prevent a child from running or roughhousing, keeping a distance seems preferable to the potential embarrassment or public reminders of physical shortcomings. And makes for a pretty shy kid.

Throughout frequent childhood visits to physicians, the sense of safety and relief he felt with his pediatrician, Dr. Felbau, resonates the strongest in his memory. The warmth of the office, the timber of the doctor’s voice and the reassurance of his presence. Unbeknownst to both of them, Dr Felbau was not only treating a child in the present, but a doctor in the future.

Dr. Termine received his medical degree from SUNY Downstate College of Medicine after completing his degree in Psychology from New York University. His residency training, obtained at Hillside Hospital, and fellowship training at Beth Israel Medical Center, provided a strong foundation towards the integrated and balanced approach he favors with his patients.

While employed at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, NY Hospital and Beth Israel, he collaborated with psychopharmacologists and allied mental health professionals that instilled the beliefs that observation and empathy need not be at odds with intellectual and medical practices. His philosophy instills comprehensive care and a balanced approach to life. Psychiatric management may provide counseling, medication management or a combination of both.

It is not an accident that Dr. Termine strives to impart the same sense of care and confidence upon his patients today.

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