Important Patient Information

A few helpful tips to take with you when you visit Dr. Anthony Termine’s Manhattan psychiatrist office.

Office Hours

Office hours are by appointment only, Monday – Friday, 9am through 5pm

Early Arrival

You should arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of time; allow yourself the time to decompress. To breathe. To open your mind to receiving.

The Waiting Room

The warmth and tranquility of the waiting room transverses the boundary between the demands of the external world with a more contemplative space. It is analogous to the approach to wellness: integrating change into a fluid life is the key to balance.

Beginning Your Session

Your session will begin with establishing insight into who you are as an individual and how your personal growth informs where you are at present and more importantly, who you want to become.

The End of Your Session

At the end of the session, we will end with your treatment plan which is geared towards optimal consent, such that much education will be imparted, options weighed and in those choices together common ground will be sought. As one of the best psychiatrists in Manhattan, Dr. Termine encourages integration of modifications in lifestyle. The incorporation of healthy eating behaviors, mental and physical fitness will promote a general sense of wellness after your psychiatric appointment.

Further Treatment and Continued Care

If you wish to continue care in our Manhattan office, you will make an appointment, and we will discuss an interim plan until that visit.