According to Websters dictionary, a resolution is the act of finding an answer or a solution to a conflict or a problem. A “New Years Resolution” implies a promise and commitment that is made, starting on January 1st, to work toward a positive goal and/or mitigate a negative goal. Resolutions range across the world, and are influenced by a variety of biographical and demographic life circumstances. The making of resolutions has roots in ancient times, as an opportunity to reflect upon self-improvement and atonement. In America, common themes are to work on losing weight and exercising more, to drink less alcohol and quit smoking cigarettes, to change jobs, and to make more money. Perhaps a healthier approach might be to consider that the most enduring changes are lifestyle changes–not a quick-fix solution. Making a New Years resolution is a concept best applied as a guide, a reminder to set up goals toward self-empowerment and betterment. Eating healthy and increased levels of fitness always promote a sense of feeling better, both physically and psychologically. Education about healthy living allows us to make better choices and lower risk factors for disease and disorder. Making changes is essential to our ongoing evolution, growth, and development as individuals. It is important to take an active role in creating the life we want. A change in job or career is sometimes an inevitability we must face. Going back to school, or the pursuit of an advanced accreditation may help us achieve professional recognition. Money matters are always a concern. Certainly, increasing ones financial worth is as important as minimizing debt. Taking fiscal responsibility to manage our assets and spending provide a sense of security. Consider becoming more involved in your community. getting to know your neighbors, and familiarity with your environment. All contribute to creating a sense of warmth and invitation, and can be a great way to meet new people or cultivate more meaningful relationships. Reassessing relationships helps to establish what we value from others and what we can offer in return. Having quality people in our lives reminds us that we are loved and are part of a greater presence in our world. It is always important to create a sense of balance, seeking more harmony between our personal and professional selves. When our lives become too hectic, we may fail to recognize the need to slow down and not over-schedule. We should consciously work to create more periods of rest and relaxation, to have more appropriate sleep schedules. Reconnecting with loved ones, friends, and family is always a grounding experience. Making time to maintain these relationships promotes greater opportunities towards feeling more connected and understood. Personal growth can not always be measured in scales. Take breaks for reflection about yourself and the world around you. Explore hobbies and investigate news interests. Making a resolution doesn’t have to happen once a year. It can happen everyday, any day, in any proportion. Be realistic and create time frames which are attainable to achieve a given goal. The most important element of a resolution is to believe that change is possible. Be kind to yourself, and make changes to create a more fulfilling life for yourself. Remember that a requirement for happiness is to embrace positive psychology and joyfulness. Have fun and don’t forget laughter can be the best remedy for distress.